A Slip Frame for a Roman Coin

24 May

Making A Slip Frame For A Roman Coin

Check out this video to learn why we used a slip frame as an awesome display for a customer. While this frame was especially made for easy access for to remove or handle a Roman coin, the design could be adapted for a special watch or necklace, collectible toy, model car or whatever other items you can dream up. 

At Frame Minnesota: 

  • We can employ a variety of techniques to make a display case that allows access to the item being displayed. 
  • This frame is called a slip frame because the outer frame “slips” off for access to the item being framed.

Hi. It’s Tami Phillippi here, coming to you from Frame Minnesota. Today we are going to show you an example of a project that we’ve been working on. This is called a slip frame. What it is for is to give a customer easy access to the contents.

This particular frame holds a coin from the Roman Empire, it’s approximately 2,000 years old, and a little a little Bible verse that is important to the customer. The customer picked it up in Israel when they were visiting and wanted to hang it in their office. We’re not working with him directly. We’re working with an office manager, so we don’t have a lot of details about the coin, but it’s pretty rare.

This is how the slip frame works. Now, I’ve just got a little nail up here. We’re making a peg in the top to fit in the top, but it’s not quite dry yet. It just goes like that, and then when you want to get at the access, you just simply pull it off and the back frame will hang on the wall. That way, if you want to take it out, look at the back side, put it back in, I’ve got a little, tiny shelf here, it’s all covered in suede fabric, and there you go. It would hang just fine like this. Of course, you would want to have it protected a little bit more. I will try and put it back. There’s a nice hanging system on the back that doesn’t really work here in the shop. Oops.

Watch the bad video. All right. There it goes. I’m going to drop the peg in there. It pretty much stays without the peg, but I just wouldn’t want to send it out the door, have possibility of it falling off. The front of the glass, we don’t have glass in here. We have a little piece of museum acrylic from our favorite vendor, Tru Vue, and we’ve got a little shelf that’s just a piece of wood and we covered it in fabric.

The backing is suede. It’s all glued in place. Should last a lifetime.

We think it looks pretty cool.

Tami at Frame Minnesota, signing off. Thank you.

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