Pandemic Projects: An Awesome Needlework

August 24, 2020

Susan did this awesome needlework while in Covid-19 quarantine this year. She spent countless hours and did a beautiful job. We used 100% archival materials, including an acid-free backing and matting and reversible mounting techniques to preserve this work of art for a lifetime.

Susan chooses a beautiful gold frame from Larson Juhl’s Marias line. The dark grey mats and complementary fillet (that’s the little extra gold accent inside the mat) are designed to compliment the artwork without distracting. We topped it off with TruVue’s Museum glass which filters harmful UV rays and has an anti-reflective coating making it nearly invisible.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • We can help you design a frame for your needle art project that will make it look great
  • We always use archival materials to make sure your project will last a lifetime>
  • We love working with original artwork of any kind.

Here is the transcript of the Video:

Tami: Oh, there we go. Hi, it’s Tami at Frame Minnesota in Eagan, your custom framing expert for really just about anything you need to have framed. Today, we have Susan with us, and Susan is quite a needleworker. She has done a lot of needleworks. This is the second one we framed for her, and we were just really impressed with the quality, and we love her design choices. So I want to turn it over to Susan and let her tell us just a little bit about the piece.

Susan: Hi Tami. Thank you so much. This is beautiful and Shelby did such a wonderful job. Thank you. I guess this is my pandemic project. I bought this in January and started at the beginning of March. And it’s 75,825 stitches.

Tami: Wow, 75,000 stitches.

Susan: And I actually thought it would take about a year and a half because it was 18 pages of pattern. So I thought one page a month, but I did it in four months. So when you’re isolated, nothing else to do, this is a really good thing to do. And it was a beautiful design. This was done by Heaven and Earth Designs and it’s called Victorian Garden, and the artist is Dominic Davison. Anyway, I just love it and thank you so much for your beautiful job.

Tami: You told us a little bit about how long you worked on it when you dropped it off.

Susan: Yeah.

Tami: I think you said you worked on it nearly every day.

Susan: Yeah, every day for from about 9:00 until 5:00. So it was [crosstalk 00:01:36].

Tami: From March until July?

Susan: March until end of June. June 30th, I think I finished it.

Tami: Wow. That’s a lot of hours.

Susan: Yeah.

Tami: It turned out beautiful. I’m surprised you can concentrate and work on it for that many hours all at one time.

Susan: It wonderful. I watched Netflix, and Prime Videos, and Hulu and everything. So days just flew by, and it was really a good project.

Tami: What’s your next project, Susan? You said you’re working on another one?

Susan: I’m working on a koala bear, that was a special project for the Australian bushfire.

Tami: Oh, neat.

Susan: And it’s called Sad Koala. It’s a very sad looking koala looking up, and I actually think I’m going to make it into a pillow. No offense.

Tami: Well, not everything has to be… My son once said, “Mom, not everything needs to be framed.”

Susan: But I promise I am going to come back here again, and I’m going to tell my friends where I got this, and she’s not telling me to say that.

Tami: Well, I didn’t tell you to say that-

Susan: No.

Tami: … we just did this really ad hoc.

Susan: Yeah.

Tami: I think it turned out okay for a couple of people that don’t know what they’re doing. It’s Tami with Frame Minnesota, where we make your memories into things you can hang on the wall.

Susan: Beautiful work of art. Thank you, Tami.

Tami: Thank you.

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