Bo Jackson Jersey in a Custom Framed Jersey Frame

June 13, 2019

This custom-framed this Bo Jackson LA Raiders jersey went out the door to a very happy customer today. Jackson is considered one of the great athletes of all time, with both a storied football and baseball career. He played both sports at Auburn University from 1982-1986 where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1985. He went on to play football for the Raiders and baseball for the Kansas City Royals as well as the Chicago White Sox and the California Angels. Some of you may remember the “Bo Knows” ad campaign for Nike which catapulted Nike cross trainers to the top of the market over the then-market leader Reebok.  We did this project for Joe Christensen, owner and tattoo artist over at Rockin Tattoos in Eagan. As an artist, he had some ideas about what he wanted for the design and even brought in some photos of his ideas, which we always welcome. Joe brought in some photos and wanted to include a logo of the team also. We can work photos you bring in and we can also print in house if you have a clear copyright to the items being printed. (Sorry, we can not legally print things grabbed from the internet.) The jersey itself is stretched over an acid-free insert and sewn in place to keep it looking nice. All of the materials are acid-free for long-term preservation. We topped it off with a piece of Museum glass which blocks UV light from fading the project and is very, very clear of reflections.


You’ll Learn:

  • We love framing sports memorabilia and can incorporate photos, ticket stubs, pins, magazine clippings, and probably whatever you come up with!
  • Frame Minnesota offers the best in custom jersey framing and sports memorabilia framing in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area.
  • We offer a variety of acrylic and glass to protect your sports items from fading, including the best Museum glass which is nearly invisible. Many of those products are made locally in Fairbault, MN.


Hi, it’s Tami Phillippi coming to you from Frame Minnesota in Eagan, your source for the best in custom picture framing, jersey framing here in the Twin Cities.

Today I’m showing you a jersey of Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson played for the Raiders back in the ’80s. He’s one of the best running backs that ever played for the Raider, and he is unusual in that he also played baseball for the Kansas City Royals.

If you look at some of the details here we did some interesting matte cutting. The center matches the arc on the top of the Raiders’ logo. We did some arched cuts around some of the photos, and the jersey is all sewed down in place with acid-free materials. We used museum glass. And we thought it turned out pretty nice.

Come see us at Frame Minnesota in Eagan for the best in custom jersey framing and sports memorabilia framing.
Tami signing off. Thank you.


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