Custom Double-Sided Framing

30 Jun

A Custom Double-sided Frame for a Scroll from Frame Minnesota

This little scroll has an inscription on the reverse side from the owner’s mother. The client wanted to frame it but still see the back side. This is how we accomplished that… with an extra mat and glass and a little subframe. From the basics to more elaborate and unusual projects, we like doing them all.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • We can do many projects that others will not attempt. We try to say Yes! 
  • At Frame Minnesota, we have several methods to accomplish double-sided framing. This video shows one method. 
  • We do all kinds of custom framing using archival materials that will last a lifetime.

Tami Phillippi coming to you from Frame Minnesota in Eagan, your custom framing experts in the South Metro.

Today’s project is a little scroll. The husband is doing it for his wife. She’s carried it around since she was a little girl and it hung on her wall in her bedroom. The thing that’s unique about this is that the customer wanted to see a little note that his wife’s mother had written on the back, and we needed to devise a way to do that. So I’m going to turn it around and show it to you.

There you go. We just created a double-sided glass and you can see the writing and the note. It’s in Spanish, so I don’t read Spanish very well. (But roughly it says to my daughter with all the love in the world.) We created a little sub-frame here and I think it turned out pretty nice. We’re expecting him any minute to pick it up.

We have a habit here at Frame Minnesota of trying to say yes. A lot of shops don’t want to mess around with figuring out how to do some of the unusual projects, and we kind of like doing the unusual projects. If you’ve got a challenge or you’ve got something that another shop has said, “I don’t want to mess with that,” give us a call. Stop in, let us take a look at it. Who knows, maybe we can do it.

Tami from Frame Minnesota in Eagan, your custom framing experts. And yes, we like difficult projects. Thank you.

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