Custom Framed Wedding Invitation

24 Jun

Frame Minnesota Offers Custom Framing for Wedding Invitations

It’s not every day that you get to frame a wedding invitation that comes in English and Greek! This couple just celebrated their one year anniversary by getting both their invitations framed. We just wish we could have been invited!!!

All materials used in this custom framing project are acid free and the glass is an anti-reflection product called Museum acrylic. We used the acrylic because this gift was being shipped to New York as a first anniversary gift. 


  • Frame Minnesota can custom frame almost anything.
  • We use quality materials and workmanship to last a very long time. 
  • Whether it is a gift or a project for your home, we are here to guide you in choosing the perfect design. 

Hi, Tami Phillippi here at Frame Minnesota in Eagan.

It’s wedding season, and what better gift to commemorate the event than a custom-framed wedding invitation?

This particular one is being done for a first anniversary that’s coming up here in another week or so, and it has two invitations. The groom is from Greece, the wedding was in Greece, and the bottom invitation was to his Greek relatives and friends, while the top one is for the English-speaking folks.

We framed this in a really nice blue-gray color. The little ship’s anchor was part of the wedding invitation packaging. And there is the beautiful colors on that invitation and the beautiful inscription in Greek.

We used a silver frame, and the glazing is up to a museum acrylic, which is a very clear version. We’re using acrylic because it’s getting shipped to the customer, to the client’s daughter in New York City. This’ll be going out the door today.

Thank you from Frame Minnesota in Eagan.

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