Custom Lettering for a Jersey Frame

04 Jun

Test Cutting Mats to Ensure Excellent Custom Lettering

What is the old adage? Measure twice, cut once? Today we were incorporating a newer technique–using our computerized mat cutter to draw letters upon a frame design. In order to make sure that the final product was exactly right, tried out a couple of sizes and fonts before cutting the real deal.

This video is a demonstration of our Wizard 9000 pen tool. We were able to design and direct the machine to add a Bible verse to the bottom of a mat that was used in to frame a hockey jersey from Miami of Ohio. The framed jersey was a gift from his parents and the Bible verse is sort of a family motto.

At Frame Minnesota:

  • We have fully equipped workshop on site and do all of the creative and production work in house. 
  • Our newest gear is a new model computerized mat cutter, the Wizard 9000z. This brings new speed and adds the ability to cut vinyl and cardboard and draw designs as well as names, logos and anything else we can dream up together. 

Hey, it’s Tami at Frame Minnesota, here in Eagan, Minnesota. And right now, I am using a computerized mat cutter, we have got the Wizard 9000Z. And what I’m doing is a test cut, just to make sure I like all the lettering and the spacing that I’m going to be incorporating into a jersey project later today.

There’s a good story behind this quote, but I’ll share that another time.

We can cut five or six different- We can cut a whole bunch of different kinds of lettering on a mat, but now I can do drawing right on the mat with different types of lettering. This is a scrap mat just so that I can get everything exactly the way I want it.

That’s all for now, Tami at Frame Minnesota.

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