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Custom Mirror Frame Design by MirrorMate Frames!

Let Our Eagan Design Experts Show You MirrorMate Custom Mirror Frames!

Want to know the fastest, easiest way for custom mirror frames?  We are an authorized MirrorMate distributor and can help you with the entire process! We have all of the MirrorMate frame samples in our store. We have 9″ corner samples available in our showroom, along with a working sample to illustrate how the MirrorMate product installs on your existing mirror.

Choose from our samples in the store or you can check out a handful of samples so that you can make the final decision at home. We’ll help you through the ordering process step by step to be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need. Your pricing through Frame Minnesota Eagan is exactly the same as if you purchase on the MirrorMate website. You may pick it up at our store or we can ship it right to your home.

We’ve been working with MirrorMate for several years and have many satisfied customers. The product has held up well, installed easily and looks great!

Install yourself, or let our experienced staff visit your location and help choose, measure, and install your MirrorMate!

Before & After Examples

mirror frame

mirror frames

framed mirror

Here are some of the most common FAQ’s we get on a new custom mirror frame design

Q: How does the frame go on the mirror?

A: MirrorMate frames come pre-taped with a professional-grade 3M tape. To install, the tape backing is removed and the frame is pressed directly onto the glass.

Q: Will the frames work for me if there is no clearance around my mirror? Or, if my mirror sits on the backsplash?

A: Yes. MirrorMate frames are designed to be used with most plate glass mirrors, whether or not there is clearance around it; or if the mirror sits on the backsplash.

Q: What is the frame made of?

A: Most MirrorMate custom mirror frames are made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This is a composite wood product made from wood pieces, particles or fibers bonded together with a resin. It is a strong and stable product used to make furniture, cabinets, shelving and molding. It is an eco-friendly product as some of the wood used to make MDF comes from wood dust when wood products are made or small trees that need to be thinned from forests grown for large tree logging. As a result, it does not require virgin wood for its production. 58 of the 65 frames are made in America.

Q: Why should I buy a MirrorMate frame instead of a complete framed mirror?

A: MirrorMate custom mirror frames are less expensive than most new framed mirrors and they don’t require that you remove your existing mirror. This is especially good news if your existing mirrors are glued to the wall, since removing them may damage the wall, and if they break, may cause injury. The additional time and cost of repairing the wall, plus disposal of mirrors into a landfill make MirrorMate custom mirror frames even more cost-effective. MirrorMate frames are easy to install, requiring no special tools or skills. They work with any rectangular-shaped mirror and are available in a variety of styles to fit any décor.

Let us know what we can do to help show you how to frame a mirror! Call 651-405-0011 in the Eagan, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Farmington, and St Paul, Minnesota area!