Flag Case For A Well-Used American Flag

14 Oct
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A Custom Case for a Memorable Flag and Certificates

In this video, we show the early steps to prepare an American flag for framing. This one is super dusty as it was flown over a military vehicle at a US military base in the middle of a dusty desert. 
Watch for the next video in this series which will show the completed project. –

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • We can build frames for many military items, including flags and certificates. 
  • We provide frames for both the larger burial flags given to veterans at the time of death and the smaller commemorative flags given for retirements, boy scout awards and flow over the capitol in Washington and at US military bases worldwide. 
  • We also can frame just about any collectible and military item.  

If you are looking for a gift for that person who has “everything”,  here is a link to the two current Minnesota senators and a great program to award a flag and certificate for almost any occasion.





Here is the transcription of this video: 

Good morning. This is Tami at Frame Minnesota here in Eagan, Minnesota. Today, I am working on a custom framing project for a military flag and some certificates. This flag is all full of desert dust, as you can see, and I’m getting ready to refold it on. It’s going to go in a shadow box. I’m going to post another little video later. This flag was flown over this vehicle in Kuwait as part of … Oh. I’m sorry. This one says Southern Syria. The local company, Cal-Tex Electric, sent much-needed supplies over a via daughter who is serving in this unit, and he got the flight back in return. Stay tuned to see what we do with it. Thank you.


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