Frame Minnesota can add LED Lights to your custom framing project

12 Jun

Artistic Leaves Framed in a Lit Shadow Box

This project shows how we incorporated some LED lights to illuminate some artist-made leaves. Our customer loves fall colors and purchased the art while on vacation. She’d always wished the leaves could be illuminated and when the glass broke in the existing frame, she gave us the opportunity to make them shine. Because LEDs are so small and stay cool when lit, we have many options for lighting your frame! This light set is battery operated and has a timer to turn off the lights after a few hours.

Video Highlights: 

  • We can incorporate LED lights installed in many custom framing projects.
  • On smaller projects, we can also install a timer on the LED lights so that it turns off after a few hours. 

Hi, it’s Tami coming to you from Frame Minnesota here in Eagan. I wanted to show you a project that we just finished up. This one is a little bit more than just a picture frame. This one is some really beautiful artistic leaves that the customer wanted us to frame and wanted them to be illuminated so she could see them at night. We’ve got lights. Let’s see if I can come around the side here. I don’t know that the lights are showing up all that terribly well in the video, but we’ll give it a try.

We’ve got a cherry frame on the front, and then we needed to create some depth in other to illuminate behind the leaves. We’ve got a control on the top, and the customer wanted a timer so that they would automatically turn off and she wouldn’t have to remember before she went to bed. So she hasn’t picked them up yet, but I am really hoping that she loves them. This is Tami from Frame Minnesota signing off.

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