Hockey Collage for “The Neighborhood” on CBS

August 24, 2020

Hockey College for The Neighborhood on CBS

Mark is a Minnesota hockey guy who got the opportunity to appear in the CBS show “The Neighborhood”  last winter. He is employed on the show as a production assistant. He also played hockey at Iowa and got to put those skills to use in when the show, which features Cedric the Entertainer,  did an episode where the family went to a hockey game. Mark was home in Minnesota earlier this spring and summer due to a Covid 19-related shutdown of Hollywood. He stopped in the shop with several pretty cool projects for us to work on—look for more blogs in coming days featuring Mark’s projects.

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Here is the transcript of the Video:

Tami: Hi, it’s Tami with Frame Minnesota in Eagan, where we do lots of different types of framing projects, everything from fine art to tapestries to needle works to, today, a photo collage. We worked with Mark on this, and I’m going to turn it over to him and let him tell you the story of the project.

Mark: Hey, all you hockey fans. Tami did another fabulous job for me. It’s going to go eventually go in my man cave, but let me tell you a little bit something about this. So I’m a production assistant on the show The Neighborhood. It’s on CBS on Monday nights. There was an opportunity that kind of came out of left field. So I played pickup hockey with McKenzie Cendrowski, Mark’s oldest daughter. And while I was working there, like, “Hey, I think we’re shooting an episode called Welcome to the Hockey Game.” And we were talking and, and they’re like, “Where are we going to find hockey players?” And being a native of Minnesota, and I played college hockey, they kind of started to lean on me on, oh my gosh, we want to make this as authentic as possible. Where are we going to find hockey players? Like, Mark, you think you could take that on?

And I said absolutely. And it actually came out to be one of my biggest roles or gigs in Hollywood. So what we have here is a signed script cover. Every episode gets a new director, a new writer, and they get featured on the front. As you can see, I have the entire cast. And then I also have Mark Cendrowski, the director and the writer, Ryan Raddatz. If any of you are Big Bang Theory fans out there, Mark Cendrowski, the director did almost every episode of The Big Bang on CBS. Kind of going down the line of some of the other gentleman we brought into the hockey episode, are Marc Labelle. Any music fans, he is the lead singer for the band Dirty Honey. He also grew up being a hockey player and was interested.

The second gentleman, his name’s Chris Nelson. He was a national champion at the University of Wisconsin, as a Badger. He also was an NHL draft pick. And he was our stunt coordinator for the episode. So he always went over safety and making sure everything kind of went smooth and there was no hiccups. Gentleman in the first Redwing, his name’s Mark Comstock. He’s been in the hockey game industry of Hollywood for a really long time. Then you have me. You have the director of Mark Cendrowski, who is a huge Detroit Redwings fan. And so when we were shooting this episode, that’s why we had the Redwings versus the Kings. Obviously we’re in LA, so they wanted to feature the Kings. And then the Redwings being one of Mark’s favorite team.

Couple of other guys, his name’s Carter. I actually played junior hockey with him here in St. Paul and I’ve known him for many years. The other gentleman is Anthony Anderson, who I brought on. Also, a junior hockey buddy that I’ve stayed in contact throughout the years. They both currently live in LA. And then the gentleman in the stripes is actually my cousin, Jeff Hagel, who lives in a Santa Clarita, a few miles north of LA, but he’s a freelance writer. But he grew up here in Minnesota and has played hockey his entire life. So I figured what better way to get him involved than make him the ref, the zebra. And it was his first time on set and I know he enjoyed himself.

Couple other photos, just outside the stage. And on every big door on stage is the show, as you can see, The Neighborhood. Cendrowski always wants to fight me when I’m working as a PA or in my hockey gear. So that’s our photo here. And then the bottom is the two lead actors, Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield. And you can see I got roughed up a little bit, got my butt kicked. The cast and crew had a great pleasure in watching me get knocked around and they made dang sure we didn’t do it in one take. We had to do 10. So, needless to say, I had a bloody lip a couple times, but completely worth it. We worked for three days.

Tami: It sounds like it was just really fun.

Mark: Oh my gosh. It was amazing.

Tami: Oh, great.

Mark: It was one of the better … I couldn’t imagine a better role. And growing up in Minnesota, everybody’s dream is to play in the NHL and be a pro hockey player. Well, I never made it on that front as a pro hockey player in real life, but I made it in the fake world of Hollywood. So I can officially say I played for the Detroit Redwings, and I don’t know how well that-

Tami: Just for 30 minutes though, right?

Mark: Yeah. Just for 30 minutes. A sitcom. I don’t want to claim being a Redwings fan forever, but yeah, it was a really cool opportunity and I’m pumped to be a part of The Neighborhood on CBS.

Tami: It was really a fun project to work with Mark on. As you can tell, he’s a really fun guy to be around. And you can say that you saw him here first at Frame Minnesota in Eagan. Mark Huber from Dodge Center, Minnesota. Thank you very much.

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