North Shore of Minnesota Map

June 6, 2019

This map by Keith Myrmel is a treasure trove of cool details of Minnesota’s North Shore. It was entirely hand-drawn by Keith, an avid hiker, and architect who saw a need for a map that brings together hiking, biking, scenic and waterway information along with a ton of fun quotes.

As an avid camper and photographer, I love visiting the north shore for spectacular sunrises and sunsets and some of the best night sky photographers in the lower 48. This map is an awesome way to track my travels, plan future trips….and since it is hanging in the store, I’ve used it to point out where some of my photos were shot.


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Hi, it’s Tami at Frame Minnesota here in Eagan coming to you to tell you about a really cool map that we have in here. This an artist-made map by a local gentleman named Keith Myrmel. He is a landscape architect and artist and came up with this map to combine a whole lot of really cool information.

As you can see … Maybe you can’t see, but it’s 72 inches tall, 77 inches tall; I can’t remember. It’s got some really awesome detail. It’s got everything from shipwrecks to hiking trails to inland lakes all along the north shore of Minnesota from Duluth almost all the way to the Canadian border.

We have it here in the shop and this one is framed in a birch bark frame. Let me zoom in on that. And we’ve got a little black liner … Little brown liner, I’m sorry. One of the things that’s really neat about this map is he’s got little quotes all the way around. Robert Frost. We’ve got Sigmund Olson. We’ve got John Muir, Frank Lloyd Wright. Really cool stuff. And we just love this map. Got it framed up in archival materials. Be great for a cabin and all sorts of Minnesota homes.

Thank you very much. Have a great weekend. Tami at Frame Minnesota signing off. Thank you.


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