Phish Poster

August 19, 2021

A Perfect Frame For A Perfect Phish Poster

This is Mark, our happy client who had his favorite band’s poster framed here at Frame Minnesota. If you don’t know–Phish is a famous rock band from Burlington, Vermont. When I saw this great collector’s poster from a local Phish-head, I had a few immediate ideas to accent the piece. I wanted to do something to replicate the Phish logo, and we did that by adding it to the spacer. And then our lead framing artist Shelby–who is also a  painter extraordinaire–extended the flames in the poster to the sides of the frame.

This is a great example of how we help our customers make their art truly come alive using framing–this isn’t something you get when you send your art out to an online shop or to a big box store. We are so lucky to have a true artist like Shelby on our staff to make things extra special for our customers!

It’s also a great reminder that if you have something sitting in a closet rolled up inside of cardboard–time to get it out and get it into a frame and onto your wall!

We love this piece and so did Mark! Whether you are a Phish head or a Deadhead, we can create a one-of-a-kind treatment for your music artwork or any special item for that matter.  Visit us at online or call today at 651-405-0011.

Here is the transcript of the Video:

Tami: Hi, it’s Tami at Frame Minnesota. Today I’ve got Mark here. He’s picking up his Phish poster. And thought I’d have him tell you a little bit about the poster. And then we’ll tell you a little bit about the framing. Hey, Mark.

Mark: My name is Mark, and this is a poster to commemorate some Phish shows that I saw at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago about 10 years ago. And it’d been sitting in a poster tube ever since then. And I decided it was time to pull it out and do something important with it.

This is a band that I’ve seen over a hundred times, and these are three of the best shows that I’ve ever seen. So normally I’m not a poster collector. There are people who will collect posters for all their shows they’ve ever seen. But this is a very special show and a very special print. And I wanted to bring it to a very special place to have them frame it.

Tami: Well, thanks. We enjoy that you trusted us with it. And I just thought we’d show a little bit here. We use this really cool mustardy color yellow frame. We created a little bit of depth so that we could get inside. Use the sides of the frame to embellish the piece with the artwork.

We even managed to put the band name down there on the bottom spacer. And then this one’s got a little bit more of the painted embellishment and we’ve got Phish up there on the top. We’ve got anti-reflective glass on here called museum glass. It looks pretty cool.

And we think the package turned out pretty good. What do you think, Mark?

Mark: I think it’s amazing. And one of the things I love about these embellishments is that it mirrors the flames coming off the buildings on both sides. So it gives it a three-dimensional look that I think has a lot of value to the appearance of this.

Tami : Cool. Yeah, Mark, you pretty much gave us carte blanche to do what we wanted with it and I’m glad you’re happy.

Mark: I trust the experts.

Tami : Thank you.

Mark: Thank you.

Tami : Tami, with Frame Minnesota in Eagan.

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