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November 23, 2014

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On Sunday mornings, I have a little ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee (well, several usually) while thumbing through the Sunday paper. I get a lot of my news and information from the internet, but there is something relaxing and tactile about physically flipping through the pages, ads and all….would be even nicer if my we did not have to trod across the ice and snow to rescue said newspaper 20 feet down the sidewalk from a wet spot, but I digress. Today, 4 days ahead of Thanksgiving, the paper is getting thicker with ads touting Christmas specials, Black Friday deals and Thanksgiving Thursday sales. It got me thinking about my own little small business and I thought I’d write a little bit.

I started Frame Minnesota in Eagan in October of 1995, so this year makes my 20th Christmas. It’s a busy time of year and I love almost every moment of the season. For us, Black Friday is pretty much a non-event and Thanksgiving will always be a day we remain closed (who would feed my family if we were open!?) I guess I could buy up some cheap imported stuff and start a big sale, but I hate selling lousy quality and I won’t do it. So Black Friday is usually a day to catch up on framing work and gear up for the busy weeks ahead. Sometimes I leave my staff in charge and stay home and put up Christmas decorations.  Customers don’t seem to believe me!  But it seriously does not get busy until the Monday after Thanksgiving.

The day after Black Friday is now known as Small Business Saturday, an event sponsored by American Express and started a few years ago. As a small business owner, I’m thrilled to have the help of Amex in promoting a day to support small business! Small businesses in general are great local citizens–we spend our dollars in your community and support local charitable causes. Here are some statistics: We’d love to see you this year on Small Business Saturday—well, who are we kidding, we’d like to see you just about any day of the year—but we are happy to celebrate SBS with all of our other local businesses.

This year I heard of new small business holiday–Plaid Friday. It’s aimed at the “anti-Black Friday” crowd. Plaid Friday was created in Oakland, CA and supporting the idea of weaving the individual threads of small businesses together to create a strong fabric that celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses. Wear plaid if you like–or sweats, your favorite tiara, whatever–we don’t care! Check it out here:  So, if you’d rather not get up in the middle of the night to buy the latest electronic junk that will be broken or outdated by the time next Black Friday rolls around, come see us at Frame Minnesota in Eagan on Plaid Friday. No pushing crowds–I promise. Just good old fashioned, high-quality picture framing with a creative flair!

Because we are in a custom industry, we really can’t offer huge discounts without compromising our quality (well, I guess we could if we did this:  But bring in your Frame Minnesota Eagan coupons or grab one below.  For every custom framing order over $200 placed on Friday or Saturday, we’ll give you a little gift card to one of our favorite Eagan small businesses. It’s a great way to support good people working hard to support their families.  Cheers! –Tami



Come on in and we can help! Snap a couple of photos of where you plan to hang your project and grab a paint swatch if you want. We can help you with color selection and layouts and even provide an emailed layout if you like. We’ll make it look great in your room!

Our prices are very competitive and our finished product is second to none. We’ve been at this business for over 20 years and know all the tricks that allow us to turn out a product that will make your home, office, or business look great.


Need a little help deciding what you want?  Check out some examples of our work to get some ideas!


Beautifully Framed Painting

Expert custom framing services for all your artwork and memorabilia. From photos, posters, and diplomas to flags, jerseys, golf balls from a hole in one—the only limit is your imagination! Locally owned & operated, Frame Minnesota has been in Eagan for 25 years, providing exceptional work at great prices for the south metro area AND far beyond.

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