retirement signature matRetirement Signature Mats

Looking for fun retirement party ideas, or maybe just a great way to commemorate a retirement?  Retirement signature mats are a great way to have fun and capture the memories with co-workers, and make an excellent gift!

Whether you choose traditional, or something a bit more unique – custom retirement signature mats can serve as an attractive and functional party decoration.  Co-workers have fun interacting and signing their names, often with small quotes to remember.  The retiree will appreciate the unique gift, and have a great way to remember the friends and co-workers.

Retirement Displays

Many corporate retirement parties feature a table or area designated to display photos and clippings of the retiree.  Sometimes it can be just a few photos, or a collage.

If you need help with ideas, we’re here for that too!  We’ve done a range of displays, such as;

  • Photo collages
  • Custom photo framing (large or small)
  • Signature mats
  • Shadowboxes
  • Display arrangement

Custom Photo Framing

From pictures and posters to jerseys and flags, trust our 20+ years in business to “wow” you with great custom framing on for any application.

Just say “no” to cheap materials!

Unlike big-box stores, you won’t find any cheap materials here.  We use exclusively acid-free materials, reversible mounting techniques and glass that is specially coated to eliminate the light that makes things fade.  If you’re going to spend money to protect something – make sure you do it right!

Want to see some of our work?

Need a little help deciding what you want?  Check out some examples of our work to get some ideas!

custom framing expertsExpert Service and Great Prices!

Give it us a shot – our prices are very competitive and our finished product is second to none. We’ve been at this business quite awhile (over 20 years) and know all the little tricks that allow us to turn out a great product at a great price.  With Frame Minnesota, you get;

  • Better Materials
  • Better Prices
  • Expert Professionals

Trusted and Professional Framing Services

All custom framing and display work is done in our shop by trained professionals. We do just about everything from mat cutting, frame cutting and joining, installing the glass and assembling the whole project on site. We take a lot of pride in what we do and offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.  We want to make sure your photo both looks nice and is preserved for years to come.

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