Shadowbox for a Frying Pan

25 Jul

Yep! A Frame for a Frying Pan

When you’ve spent your professional career in the commercial food service business, a frying pan just might be the perfect retirement gift. We framed this one up using the Hennepin, a toned gray and silver frame from one of our favorite local suppliers, Superior Moulding. We added a custom back box milled to size and painted especially for this project. We needed this to create the depth needed to handle the custom engraved chef’s pan. The pan is displayed with a grey suede mat and mounted using formed rods. We used Museum glass to complete the project because it is the ultimate glass for clarity. 

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • We can do many framing projects that others will not attempt. We try to say Yes! 
  • We can accommodate anything even if it is a big or bulking item.
  • We have different framing materials. We can find one that will suit your needs.

Hi, it’s Tami, Frame Minnesota in Eagan. Today’s project that we want to show you is a frame for a frying pan. Who knew we’d frame it from a frying pan? But this is a retirement gift for a gentleman who’s retiring with many years of service at a commercial kitchen. The frame that we chose is Hennepin. It is called Hennepin. And it’s a black and silver-toned frame from Superior Moulding here in the Twin Cities. We built a back box to accommodate the depth needed for the frying pan.

Frying pan is both laser engraved. And we’ve got a little plate on the bottom that is engraved with some information about dates and such like that. The background is a gray-silver matte… a grayish silver suede matte that gives a lot of texture and depth to the project. And we’ve covered the front with piece of museum glass, which is pretty well anti-reflective. We think it looks pretty darn good. And that’s what we’ve got for today, a frying pan frame from Frame Minnesota in Eagan. Thank you.

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