Stefon Diggs Custom Jersey Frame

23 Jun

A Custom Frame for the Minnesota Miracle!

We custom framed this Stefon Diggs Minnesota Vikings jersey for a customer in LaCrosse, WI today. We used the familiar Vikings purple and gold and incorporated a photo of Diggs making that great catch now known as the Minnesota Miracle.s ma

This project is unique in that we did all of the design “virtually” because our client was out of the area. We worked by email and phone, exchanging photos and ideas until we came up with the final design.
The jersey itself is lightly stretched over an acid-free insert and sewn in place so that it is virtually wrinkle free. All of the materials are acid-free for long term preservation. We topped it off with a piece of Museum glass which blocks UV light from fading the project and is very, very clear of reflections.


  • Frame Minnesota is the Twin Cities custom jersey and sports memorabilia framing expert.
  • We offer a variety of  acrylic and glass products, including museum glass which is nearly reflection free. This glass is manufactured in Fairbault, MN. 
  • We can incorporate logos, photos, ticket stubs and other memorabilia into your jersey and sports projects. 

Hi, it’s Tami at Frame Minnesota here in Eagan, your jersey and sports memorabilia framing expert.
Today I am going to show you a jersey we just finished.

There it is Stefon Diggs’ jersey, all framed with purple mattes. We’ve got this great Vikings logo that we’ve incorporated into it. We’ve got some information about some of his stats. Got everything in there, including that wonderful catch in 2017 division round one playoff game now known as the “Minneapolis Miracle.” There is him running.

And we’ve got museum glass on the top of the frame to keep it from reflecting as best as possible. All of our materials are acid-free.

Everything is done on-site here in the shop at Frame Minnesota in Eagan, but we do frames for people all over the state and all over the region. This particular gentleman came to us from across Wisconsin, and he’s going to love it.

Tami from Frame Minnesota in Eagan. Thank you for listening.

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